Thursday, 14 January 2010


Snow: it either gets people excited or pisses people off, either way when it hit the UK recently, its all anyone could talk about.

I had my first Snow Day!

Thats right! because of this white fluffy jolly stuff, i didn't have to go into 6th form!
I was able to just sit at home and do fak'all.
i could put the fire on, i could read, i could do some xboxing, "ooo you could ALSO do some revision! :D:D:D" .............................................................................................................................
..........:( fuck sake.

being reminded to do revision is probably one of the most drastic emotional constrasts from a high to a low i've ever experienced. that dreading feeling you get deep in your stomach when you remember you've got an exam coming up and you can't waste any time having fun.

well, that isn't what happened on my snow day :D
twas a brilliant day, i made this snowman with my brothers, which looks all evil with downward eyes and you can imagine him talking like some sort'a mafioso

good init.

We wanted to rest the replica AK up against it to make him look even more menacin' but the ol' mother said that it weren't such a good idea and that if anyone saw it they might wanna get us out of their street.

"The McCarthy's are at it again".. "is that ANOTHER police car over there?"

We decided to stop calling the police now when K kicks off.
The Police come over, they talk to K, K manipulates policemen into leaving, K turns round and winks to us, Mum stops crying and we all laugh at how easy K was able to handle the police. we reassure ourselves by saying "it's funny in a way" and then get on with our lives.

instead we just put up with it cus we all know things will go back to normal the next day if we just let stuff happen. its not submission, its acceptance. it makes us stronger mentally so we will able handle this type of stuff in the real world. but stuff like this doesn't happen so its sort of useless.

Anyway, nuff of that kinda stuff, this is not an autobiography! and if it was that would be a bit that you wouldn't want to read, boring unless you were there ;)


makes people make big snowballs

ooooo i know what you're thinking,
a big snowball like that..
snowball fight? nooo, that would be silly

with a giant snowball you could make a giant....



field of mini snowmen :/.....

I know what you were expecting...

a massive snowman.

a snowman bigger than a normal man

a snowman with trees for arms

with car tyres for buttons

with a massive parachute wrapped round as a scarf

with a massive tent as a hat!

oh wait...

here it is

big init?

i made that..

nahh i didn't but i would have.

remember primary school?
before christmas they would allow you to decorate the class room with stuff like paper santas
and snowflakes
and these snowflakes would be made by folding paper and cutting it in a certain way to make these nice crystallized polygon shapes.

but when they told me thats what REAL snowflakes looked like, i thought they were bullshitting cus whenever i saw a bit of snow it was just a white fluffy thing thats slower than rain.

but then i saw what snowflakes look like through a microscope and was amazed.

look at the middle bit.
well good.
a completley natural peice of art.
a masterpeice which nobody can take credit for.

snows good.
especially when seeing it out the window of a warm car or a living room heated by a warm fireplace.
it makes most of us jolly and snowball fights are always fun. i loved my snow day, i want another.

i have a theory.
if England win the world cup this year, it will change everything.
the negative smog cloud that has shadowed over society for so long will be swept away.
everyone will be cheering in the streets, hugging each other, smiling, drinking, toasting.
when someone you are talking to is happy and is warm toward you, it makes YOU happy.
now imagine this on a nationwide scale. happiness everywhere like a domino effect that will win over everyones hearts until we are in a state of pure bliss and ecstacy.
although it may be a quite transient state, it would still effect us deep inside, we could all say "we were there" and atleast within our lifetimes, we could have somthing that we could all share as one.

Nathan McCarthy

Pictures from Wikipedia