Tuesday, 10 November 2009

When I was about 7.

When i was little there were actually times when absolutley nothing was on Tele. There just WASN'T a tv show on. So they would put up these test cards for us to see to which we'd respond by just walking away and going on with our lives.

isn't that strange?
its strange to imagine for us NOW because there is always somthing happening all the time, everywhere.
it just shows how the world has changed from when we were little bastards.

originally test cards were actual physical cards! not just images, they would have a camera pointed at a card which was always under the same light intensity.

does everyone remember in primary school when a kid would ask you:

"are you scared of butterflys?"

to which you'd reply "no" (or yes if you were a butterfly pussy)

and then they would clap their hands loudly infront of your face making you blink, which meant you WERE infact scared of butterflies

fuck was that all about?!

WHO thought of that?!

and the buttercup thing?!

a kid (usually a girl, some boys did it cus they are proper fags) would put a buttercup under your chin and if your chin reflected the colour of the buttercup (yellow) then it would mean you liked butter

what the fuck is that..

what if you DIDN'T like butter? you wouldn't be able to prove them wrong, cus there logic is plausable. obviously if your chin goes yellow, you DO like butter.

someone...a person... came up with things like this. this was actually INVENTED as a thing people copied. its odd to imagine but its true.

These cult practises maybe strange but i'm glad they exist. Its good that innocence is alive in children and that reality can be mixed with fiction for a while. you could go to ANY primary school and they would STILL be doing the buttercup & butterfly games, nobody will ever go through primary school without learning this stuff, its just the culture. certain aspects of culture are simply created by popularity, if everyone is doing somthing, other people will do it and it takes over. (called popular culture). and popular culture says everything about the generation that surrounds it

here's an example i found by accident: search for "wow" in google images.. you expect to see somthing that makes you say or think "wow" like a sunset..no.

older people say that we would all get on fine without the technology we have today, its true but we would not act the same way as they did at their age. they GREW UP having bollocks stuff (bollocks in comparison to what we have now) whereas we grew up WITH this stuff, we use our mobiles and computers for EVERYTHING. writing a CV, banking. the truth is if the internet went down, the world would fuck up big time, today money is registered as digital numbers on screens rather than physical cash so people WOULD lose alot of money.

and now i finish. thanks for reading my musings, i love you.

Nathan McCarthy

I saw a picture of "peppa pig" today, thats a shite picture of a pig, its snout looks like a growth...

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  1. Ha I just did an essay on common culture in Education.
    I didn't realize those test cards were part of our lives. Wow I feel old.
    Remember casettes and videotapes?